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Over the next two weeks in the Garden Room, we will be introducing our story called Stick Man. We will introduce this story with props, making it exciting and engaging for the children. We will also be looking at some keywords from the book such as Stick Man, stick, dog, lady, boy, girl and swan. 

We are hoping to go on a walk in our Six Seater Buggy to look around the local area, looking at what we can see and seeing signs of winter and to collect sticks like our book Stickman. Once collected, we will be looking at adding sticks to our play dough and maybe having a go painting with sticks.

We have enhanced the classroom with some different types of jigsaw puzzles for the children to practice their problem solving, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Cornflour and coco powder is added to our tuff tray for the children to feel the texture dry and we will add water to see what happens. Farm animals have been added to our small world for the children to explore. In the garden we have andded Owl babies and Stickman books to our reading cabin for the children to relax and look at.
At home you and your child could look for sticks together and do mark making in a bowl of flour or in a tray of soil from your garden.


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