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A Typical Day in Nursery

The nursery has a simple daily structure, to support children in feeling in control of the time. This will be shared with the children and visually shown to build their confidence of ‘what will be happening next’.

You will be able to talk to all of the nursery team. We will organise a key person and buddy-key person who will be special people who support your child’s learning and development and with whom you can talk about your child.

The nursery builds relationships between children and their teacher or educator as a key person through a ‘key group time’ where small groups listen, talk and learn in an appropriate space and in a way tailored to meet the children’s needs and interests. This may be just a few moments for the youngest children, (saying hello and sharing something special), but will develop to include children in planning their learning, setting challenges and building more discrete skills such as early maths and phonics, in exciting and engaging ways.

Children will be encouraged to actively engage in snack time with their key person(s) as this supports a healthy lifestyle and social confidence.

Children may then return to their play, to conclude the session with a short time with their teacher or educator, to talk about their time, share a special story that links to their experiences and sing some special songs and rhymes. Key people will regularly share the children’s learning journey with your child (using iPads); celebrating the learning through photographs, and listening to what the children would like to do next.


Activities are undertaken indoor and outdoor throughout the day in all weathers.



8.30-8.55am                    11.30-12pm

Welcome/free play & snack

8.55am                              12pm

Tidy up time

9.05-9.15                           12.05-12.15

Key group time

9.15-11.00                         12.15-2pm

Free flow & planned activities.

Indoor and Outdoor Learning

(Afternoon quiet time for rest 12pm-1.30pm)

10.30-11                            1.30-2.00pm

Snack time

11.15-11.30                2.15pm-2.30pm

Gather together ready for home


This represents a typical day however activities will be when we have outdoor trips and planned outings.

Staff will be playing, observing and teaching children throughout the day in a fluid and responsive way to children’s needs and interests. You will be able to see overviews of the planned learning and termly focus on your child's specific learning on your Tapestry App.

“Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.” ~ Abraham Maslow

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