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The fortnight focus in the Castle Class is Literacy, looking primarily at reading and storytelling and using our writing skills we have developed over the last two weeks to 'write' our stories.

In the Outdoors Area we will be creating characters and stories with props and costumes. Once we have created our characters we will tell our stories, as we consider the plotline, looking at the 5 finger storytelling rule; character, setting, problem, detail/plot, solution. Once our stories have been told, we will take to the stage to act out our stories in our Castle Theatre!

In the Mark Making we will be using Story Prompt cards to create our own stories. See the attached video for an explanation!

In the Water Tray we will be creating a story scene from Jack and the Beanstalk, as we turn the blue coloured water into the sky, add bubbles for the clouds and follow up the beanstalk around the pillars of the water tray. We will prompting the children to put themselves into the Giants world, or pretend to be Jack sneaking around.

In the Roleplay Area we will be busy moving house! To help some of our children through a new experience we will be packing boxes and suitcases and preparing to move into our new house!

In the Creative Area we will be continuing to build up our totem pole. Having added our names we will be decorating the remaining sides with printed designs. We will create water colour prints using doilies, printing the colours with beautiful and delicate designs. We will also create prints with bubble wrap and textured paper.

Our first Book of the Week will be Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack and his Mother have no money so they must sell the cow, what will happen when Jack chooses to sell his cow for magic beans! Our song of the week follows the tune of she’ll be coming round the mountain, the song is called ‘He’ll be coming down the beanstalk’. Here is the story; 

Our second Book of the Week is My Body Your Body, a non-fiction text that explores how our bodies work and helps us understand our senses, we will follow along with our song, I have a body! Here is the story to read: 

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