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Our Fortnight focus of learning in Castle Class will be Understanding the World, Technology! There is a lot that our children can experience and interact with to make progress in this area, and it is not always about handling and using instruments of technology.

In the Small World we will be learning the skill of basic coding! We will be doing this by planning basic dance routines using simple symbols to represent the different movements. As we begin the week, we will have 10 simple dance moves with a simple symbol of dots, lines, spirals and more. We will choose the dance moves, sequencing our choices with programming words, ie first, next, after, lastly and more. We will then draw each symbol in order following our pattern and finally we will decode our dance practice as we complete the dance routines we have created. See the video for an example!

In the Role Play Area, we have created a school uniform shop for the children to act our the experiences they will recently have or will soon have as they prepare for their transition to schools. We will practice putting on the different clothing items, looking at the fine motor skills of doing up clothing buttons on blouses and beginning to look at tying a shoelace.

In the Creative Area we will be exploring simple animation to create movement. We will begin with creating our characters, ensuring that we have the required body parts of a head, body, legs and arms for the programme to recognise the characters. Mrs Thompson will then support the children to use the animation website as they explore the different movement they can create with their own characters!

In the Loose Parts Area we will be exploring programming with BeeBots. We will look at how we can navigate simple mazes and chart paths using the programming buttons, forwards, backwards, left and right. We will explore the concept of adding on to existing programmes allowing us to add to our pathing, and 'update' the memory of the BeeBots programme, without the need to start the programme again.

In the Outdoors Area we will be exploring the artist Monet with his artwork, Waterlilies. An Impressionist artist who works creates wonderful textured art. Here is an exert all about Claude Monet's wonderful work; 

Our first Book of the Week will be Oliver's Vegetable. The story of Oliver, a character we have seen before in Oliver's Fruit Salad, who has decided he only likes to eat chips. When he stays with Grandpa for the week, he makes a deal, find the potatoes and eat chips, find a different vegetable and he needs to try it! Here is the story to share; 

As our focus is on technology, we will tackle a very important topic; Internet Safety. We will be learning all about the power of technology to connect us to the world whilst learning about the responsibility of what we put online. Our second Book of the Week will be Troll Stinks; Their Grandpa Gruff says trolls are bad, so Billy and Cyril the Billy Goats decide to get their own back by sending mean messages. After all, trolls really do stink! Don’t they? Here is the story to share at home, 


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