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Outbreak Management Plan


This plan is based on the contingency framework for managing local outbreaks of COVID-19, provided by the Department for Education (DfE).

We implement measures in this plan in response to recommendations provided by our local authority (LA), the director of public health (DsPH), Public Health England (PHE) our local health protection teams or by following government guidance.

These measures will be implemented to help prevent the spread of infection within the nursery settings, to manage a COVID-19 outbreak or cluster, to react to high COVID-19 infection rates in the community or when all measures in place are still failing to reduce risk and infection.

Measures to prevent the spread of infection

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been pleased with our Safe Operating Procedures and the adaptations we have made to our everyday practice to ensure we offered, and continue to offer, our staff and children a safe environment. Hygiene and social distancing remain the two key elements of infection prevention and control. We have made the decision to keep the following procedures in place

  • Any child, staff member, parent or visitor with coronavirus symptoms must not attend nursery and must isolate at home.

  • Children will not be accepted into nursery if they have been given fever reducing medication, at parent’s discretion, after 4am on the day of their session (after 9am for children with afternoon bookings).

  • Any person displaying symptoms must not return to nursery until they have completed the required isolation period and/or received a negative coronavirus test, in line with government guidelines. Children with temperatures cannot return until they have been 24 hours fever free, without the need of medication to assist, in line with PH DfE guidelines.

  • Increased cleaning processes remain in place.

  • Team members continue to socially distance from each other and during parent handovers.

  • Bubble systems remain in place in all age groups.

  • Parents and staff members will wear masks during drop off and collection at nursery.

  • Staff members will wear masks when they are moving between rooms at the nursery.

  • Staff members carry out regular Lateral Flow Device testing (due for review by PH, DfE in September 2021)

  • Ventilation is a key part of infection control, doors and windows remain open and outdoor play is encouraged.

  • Please refer to our Safe Operating Procedures for further actions St Giles Nursery School have in place to reduce any risk of infection and illness.

Management of an Outbreak of COVID-19 in a nursery setting 

When the nursery infection cases of children or staff members reach 10% in a nursery setting over a 14 day period this may be referred to as a COVID-19 outbreak. Snapdragons will take further advice from PHE. Actions may be:

  • A more intense deep clean

  • Partial closure of areas in the nursery

  • Isolation of identified children or staff members

  • Investigation by the LA Health Protection Team

Management of a Cluster in a nursery setting

When there are increased nursery infection cases of children or staff members that are concentrated in one bubble group at a nursery setting over a 14-day period this may be referred to as a COVID-19 cluster. St Giles Nursery School will take further advise from PHE. The actions we will take are:

  • Look at the possible need to close the bubble group

  • As current guidance does not request that nursery settings isolate and close bubble groups, we are instructing all staff members connected with a positive case to take daily Lateral Flow tests for 10 days

  • Any person contacted by NHS Track and Trace must isolate in accordance to government guidance

  • Snapdragons use their extended staff teams to ensure legal ratios continue to be met

  • There will remain a Safeguarding Lead, Named First Aider and Named Manager on site at all times.

Reaction to high infection rates in the local community

St Giles Nursery School ensure that they are up to date with infection records in each of the counties in which they have nurseries. If contacted by DsPH or the LA regarding a high level of infection in the local community the following actions may be recommended:

  • Trips and outings in the area are limited or stopped completely for all children

  • Events and social days at the nurseries are cancelled

  • Visitors are not permitted onto the nursery site unless essential to a child’s development or well-being or to manage an essential need (ie. site maintenance). Any visitors that are permitted on site must wear full PPE and give their details to allow St Giles Nursery to manage contact tracing if needed.

 Actions following heigh levels of risk and infection

Attendance restrictions will only be used as a last resort. Our requests would be presented in the following order:

  • If you are able to keep your child home to please do so.

  • Only vulnerable children and those whose parents are critical workers may attend.

  • Only vulnerable children and those with both parents as critical workers may attend.

St Giles Nursery wish to remain transparent in all proposed actions and advice that we receive from any of the above-mentioned professionals. We thank you for adhering to our Safe Operating Procedures and Risk Assessments and for taking the time to read this Outbreak Management Plan.


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