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Rainbow Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is so easy to make and is really good for you.

To make fruit salad simply cut up a selection of fruit from your fruit bowl or alternatively use some tin fruits such as tin peaches or tin pineapple in its own juice.

To make my fruit salad I used,

⚪️an apple
⚪️an orange
⚪️a handful of grapes
⚪️a banana
⚪️a kiwi
⚪️small tin of pineapple chunks in its own juice
⚪️a handful of blueberries
⚪️half a pomegranate

Peel the fruit as necessary.

Using a suitable knife use the bridge method or the claw method to cut up the fruit in to small pieces and add to a large bowl.

Use a spoon to mix the fruit together then serve.

Enjoy your fruit salad!

🌈I wonder if you can see all the colours from the rainbow in your bowl?🌈

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