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Covid Updates

Keeping Safe at Nursery during COVID-19

We are pleased you are considering your child's learning journey, during this unprecedented time.

St Giles Nursery School wants to ensure that we take every precaution to limit the spread of the Covid 19 virus and keep our children safe and well. To do this we will need to make some adjustments and we will need our families' help and support.

The staff have all worked incredibly hard, above their usual roles to make sure we can continue to offer our high standards of care and education.

As part of the Nursery School family will need to support and understand each other’s worries at this time. We are always available to

Please take the time to read through all the following information

Our staff are taking on additional cleaning responsibilities to reduce any contact transfer of germs. We are also tasked with trying to limit the closeness of children and families at drop off and collection. To make this possible, we will use various different access points, request that you wait in designated spaces where required and do not enter the building unless critical.

Children will continue to be with their peers but these groups will be split into smaller ‘bubbles’ to ensure less contact during the sessions.

The classrooms and outdoor spaces will be divided to keep the children from meeting children from other ‘bubbles’ and ensure resources are only used by that group.  The staff will clean resources and furniture at least once a day and we will keep windows open to circulate fresh air. We appreciate this means that children won’t have access to all the wonderful resources we would usually provide, but this is for safety. Children will spend much time outdoors in this summer weather and will picnic outdoors wherever possible. No purchasable lunches will be available at this time. 

 St Giles nursery has been wonderful in ensuring my child is safe at nursery and that the risk to her and the risk from her of covid is minimal by following the government's requirements. I am extremely happy with the nursery as a whole and valued everyone's efforts in ensuring my child can attend safely. Well done ladies, you are all superstars!!! And thank you.

Parent of child in Explorers phase, 2021

 If a member of your household or your child is showing symptoms of Covid 19 please do not enter the school premises.

If your child develops COVID symptoms during their session, you will be called immediately and your child will be moved into the Medical Room. This is next to the rainbow bench.  We would ask that you come immediately and call the pedestrian buzzer. We will escort your child to you, to take home.

Key things to remember

Please collect your child from your meeting point.

Please do not touch the toys, as they will have been cleaned. Please be patient. The children will be brought to you as quickly and safely as we can.  

  • Please do not bring siblings or extended family onto the premises
  • Only one adult is to drop off and collect each child.
  • Your child must bring a packed lunch if they are staying all day. Please make us aware of any allergies your child may have. Packed lunches MUST be brought in a lunch bag with your child’s name on it.
  • Your child’s Nursery bag should be packed for the week, with changes of clothes and nappies as required. This will remain on site and be returned at the end of the week. Please do not allow your child to bring any toys, cuddlies and comforters in from home, as this can transfer germs, if possible. However, if your child needs soothing, we will manage this risk. We will have no changes of clothes within nursery, as this could share germs. If you do not provide a bag, we cannot accept your child into nursery.
  • Please collect your child from your meeting point.
  • Please do not touch the toys, as they will have been cleaned. Please be patient. The children will be brought to you as quickly and safely as we can
  • Please adhere to social distancing of 2 metres and take your child home straight away. If your child has an ‘incident form’ we will try to discuss this with you or provide you with a copy. Please call nursery if you would like to discuss it further.


It is very important that you only drop off and collect at the specified times. If you arrive after the drop off time it is unlikely that we will be able to take your child for the session. If you are late to collect there will a £10 charge, as our staff have cleaning actions to complete within a limited time-frame. Each group entering nursery has a staggered start and end time to keep everyone safe.

 If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone on 01522 531876 or email Please bear in mind that we are currently working with skeleton staff looking after key worker and vulnerable children and are working hard to get the Nursery prepared for 1st June. We may take longer than normal to answer your queries and questions but we will answer them. Please be patient as we all adapt to these changing circumstances.


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